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Independent and Connected

We are an independent church. This means that we are not part of any denominational hierarchy or other authority structure. The church is led by our own elders and deacons, who take decisions based on what God has said in the bible - our final authority, and in consultation with the whole congregation.

However being independent does not mean we are isolated. We rejoice that bible believing Christians across other churches in all their diversity are our brothers and sisters, our wider family in Christ. We are proud to be active members of the following networks which connect us to others.

Networks we Belong to


Partnership is 'a growing network of biblically-radical churches which are dynamic in local mission'. It supports and connects over 300 independent churches similar to ourselves with an emphasis on scripture, every-member ministry and team leadership. Most, but not all, of these churches have history within the Christian Brethren movement.

Aylesbury Church Network

Aylesbury Church Network is a group of over 20 evangelical churches in our town. The leaders of these churches meet regularly to pray together and encourage one another. We collaborate to support town-wide initiatives such as the Aylesbury Town Chaplaincy, meet as whole churches to worship together a couple of times each year and work together to provide major events to bless the town.

Evangelical Alliance

Representing thousands of churches across the UK, the Evangelical Alliance unites bible believing Christians across all the traditional denominations and newer expressions of faith. They provide a voice for evangelical Christianity at a national level, making Jesus known together, as well as resources, advice and a focus for thoughtful response to contemporary issues.

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